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August 29, 2016
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October 10, 2016

DuBarry: The Secret of Everlasting Beauty

BEAVERTON-OR. –DuBarry, the Grande Dame of Personal and Beauty Care Products was once the standard to which all the others strived. Founded in 1903, DuBarry produced the age-reversing results that none other could achieve. In the fifties, this best-kept secret was larger than Revlon. The difference was that Revlon was marketed aggressively, while DuBarry focused on perfecting its industry-leading product line.

Recently, an entrepreneur based in Las Vegas ,NV acquired this sleeping giant for an undisclosed sum and the changes for the company have been as positively dramatic as the overnight results that the DuaBarry Products deliver.

“It was the perfect moment,” recalls Panch Prasad, President of U.S. International Trading Corporation, who recently acquired this world-renowned product line. DuBarry boasts loyalty from the youngest looking women over forty years of age, according to Prasad. “For generations, DuBarry relied on powerful loyalty and word of mouth. We’re combining that great strength with contemporary marketing techniques to bring DuBarry to full exposure.”

Right from the beginning of the century, the DuBarry cosmetic line set the international standard for feminine beauty and that ideal has resulted in the most effective products for today’s woman. DuBarry was the first to approach feminine skin-care from an all-natural and scientific basis, and is the oldest cosmetic and skin care line in the USA. DuBarry has always been light years ahead and It’s no secret as to why it continues to set the standard for the industry; DuBarry has been committed to research longer than anyone else.

Prasad has a long history in seeking out hidden treasures within the Personal Care Products Industry. “These great products exist. All we need to do is to create awareness.” And Prasad is doing precisely that. With his international savvy and powerful marketing force, Prasad has already made tremendous inroads throughout the U.S. and the world. The products are readily available in many independent and popular chain stores, including Albertsons, Drug Emporium, Long’s, Randall’s, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and other fine stores.

For further information, please visit our web site at www.dubarryusa.com, email us info@dubarryusa.com, call us at (702) 651-6114, or mail us at 2951 Marion Drive #121, Las Vegas, NV USA.