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Mill Creek Botanicals Presentation

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March 7, 2016

Mill Creek Botanicals: Nearly 45 years of excellence and innovation

For any new venture, getting to 40 years in business is hard to fathom. Even more, getting to that point with an all-star product line backed by extremely consistent quality delivery makes the task seem even more difficult. For Mill Creek Botanicals CEO, Panch Prasad, building the Mill Creek brand into one of the most recognized in the natural health field has been a journey of passion. When Prasad purchased Mill Creek in the late-90s, he had big plans. The trained chemist and natural product advocate had spent 10 years representing the brand as an independent broker. He personally used many of the products himself, and thought there was still so much potential to grow the brand’s lineup and expand its market share. Today, Mill Creek is a global brand found in more than 45 countries that enjoys the highest level of brand awareness in the natural products industry. While […]